Rose Gold Edition Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm

Rose Gold Edition Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm

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A must-have pen for our Rose Gold Collection! Smooth edges for comfortable, easy, writing are the name of the game with this Limited-Edition Gel Ink pen. The rose gold is stylish, loud yet not too garish. The pen is a must have for those with a rose gold collection and those looking to add a bit of extra panache to their pencil case. Simple design that is effortlessly elegant in appearance as well as to use. Pen glides across the paper and will doubtlessly catch the eye when drawn, showing you mean business. Easy to use, durable with a narrow 0.5mm head for tight lines and colorful flourishes on the paper. Gel ink for clean writing with no ink spillages.


Writing Point: 0.5mm
Erasable Or Not: No
Material: Metal
Gel Pen's Ink Type: Gel-Ink
Refill Color: Black
Writing Thickness: 0.5mm

Feature: Rose gold Metal gel ink pen