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High Quality vintage Fountain Pen Rosewood and Brass Pen

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These beautiful handcrafted wooden fountain pens are made from a number of hardwoods including Rosewood and Mahagonny.  We teamed up with the awesome creators at Wood Fountain Pens to offer these gorgeous pens.

Handcrafted wooden pens make perfect gifts for any special occasion or a uniquely special gift. They are practical (a gift that you can actually use and reuse for years) and as with all wooden items they are tactile, beautiful, and a unique keepsake. The hardwoods used to make a beautiful grained pen for a pen collector as for those looking for a sleek, unique, and professional pen!

The pairing of the hardwood and brass make for a timelessly elegant combination that has a good feel when writing.

Each wood and brass fountain pen is individually crafted from unique pieces of seasoned hardwood, therefore, the grain, color, aging, and patina will vary slightly from the images shown – they are each unique.

Writing Point: 0.7mm
Nib Type: Standard Type
Material: Various Hardwoods and Brass