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Tungsten Steel Head Pen

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This portable business pen crafted to a slick, streamline design. The barrel material provides firm usability for steady penmanship, whilst being light and dexterous for writers of all styles and grips. The tungsten head is second only to diamond in its hardness, allowing for the inclusion of a self-defense option as well as the ability to write. In this particular case, the pen is most certainly stronger than the sword. This stylish pen combines all elements in a perfect package: lightweight, durable, elegant yet strong.


Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
Material: aluminum alloy pen body + tungsten steel head
Process: High-precision CNC Wire Cutting
Total length: about 147mm
Tube diameter: about 1.8cm
Net Weight: about 36.2g
Package weight: about 75g
Suitable for: writing, self-defense, break glass and so on
Package content: 1 * self-defense pen, 1 * gift box
Color: black,gray,gold