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Handmade Bamboo Tea Storage Containers

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Taste the greatness of bamboowith these attractive tea boxes that bring a taste of the Orient into your home. Each hand-smoothed storage box, candy jar, tea canister, and incense stick holder is made from bamboo--a natural material that has been used for centuries in Eastern countries for food and supplies storage. It's also a renewable resource, so you'll never run out of sustainable products to use.Designed to coordinate with one another as well as any decor, these decorative storage boxes are sure to become a necessary part of your kitchen.Enhance the richness of any gathering

Style: Modern
Material: Bamboo
process: handmade
storage canister: storage box
tea canister Boxes: vintage
candy jar: tea box
incense stick holder: wood box
size: 12 types
mini box: airtight with lid
Travel tea boxes: Carry tea box