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Minimal Wall Clock

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Our minimal wall clock is the ultimate accessory for any design enthusiast. Available in a bold single-face or modern circular style, this modern wall clock puts a sleek spin on traditional timepieces. The wooden face and hands stand out against the light bamboo frame in varying degrees of natural color to compliment your existing decor. Did we mention it runs on batteries? This is an absolute must-have addition to any entryway.

Type: Wall Clocks
Wall Clock Type: 30 mm Thick Plate
Diameter: 20cm
Display Type: Needle
Combination: Separates
Motivity Type: Digital
Material: Bamboo & Wooden
Form: Single Face
Shape: Circular
Width: 20cm
Weight: 1000g
Applicable Placement: Living Room
Style: Brief
Length: 200mm
Feature: modern style
Body Material: wooden
Pattern: none
Movement type: seconds movement
Power type: Battery

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