Top 10 Modern Black Backpacks | Top 10 Minimalist Black Backpacks

Top 10 Modern Black Backpacks

Life was simpler in the past, where people did not have to take anything other than their house keys and some cash when stepping out of their doors. We, however, live in a world defined by digital and technological integration on so many levels, and we typically have a lot more going on in terms of professional work, social events, travel commitments and entertainment in general. Think about it, what are your bare essentials when you leave the house? Your smartphone is a nailed-on essential without which most of us couldn’t feel at ease or even function normally, but since more and more smartphone manufacturers are doing away with headphone ports and putting in smaller batteries, we typically need to grab some additional adapters and perhaps a power-bank to be able to get through even half a day, let alone a full day or more. Now that you’ve you got your smartphone part handled, how about a laptop or tablet? You’re probably going to need to take that on the go with you as well for your work, right? Surely that laptop is also going to have to be charged at some point during the day so perhaps you’ll want to grab the charger as well. We could go on and add even more items, such as your external hard-drive or pen-drives, your books or notepads, some change of clothes and so on, but you get the hint by now, so let’s move on.

The above is just a simple explanation of why we absolutely need to have some kind of bag or backpack to be able to carry all our essential items and take them out at different points in the day easily and securely. Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the best modern black backpacks that you can buy to do yourself a favor and make your everyday lives that much easier. You might be thinking, “Why black specifically?” Well, the answer to this is that although we personally have all kinds of modern backpacks in a variety of colors, we have chosen to focus on black backpacks in this list as the color black gives these backpacks a timeless look and feel. Additionally, black is a minimalist and elegant color that can be matched to any outfit or occasion. Our mantra or criteria for including backpacks on this list is the 3 F’s of form, fashion, and function. These backpacks perform exceptionally on all of these if we do say so ourselves!

The best modern black backpacks that combine form, fashion, and function

1. Modern Fold-Over Backpack | Minimalist Backpack

The next black backpack that we have on our list is one that is a testament to the fact that minimal designs do not necessarily mean that form or function have been sacrificed to make a beautiful looking product. While this fold-over backpack prioritizes a minimalist look, it has been crafted with the aim of looking elegant, yet functional. It comes with multiple interior compartments and a cell phone pocket, which make it an ideal pairing for any urban setting, and is especially well-suited for those who are tech-conscious and have an eye for modern fashion.

2. Black Minimal Leather Backpack

Our third modern backpack is one that is well-rounded and sleek, combining style and function, which in turn allow you to mix business and pleasure. With ample interior space and plenty of pockets to choose from, you can store all the essentials that you need for both your work and social life with ease. This can save you the hassle of having to return to your home-base, just because you need a change of clothes or need to put away your laptop. This modern backpack also includes adjustable padded shoulder straps which make it a breeze to carry it wherever you need to go. The leather exterior also gives this backpack a luxurious look and is sure to turn some heads from possibly jealous on-lookers!

3. The City Elite Bag - Anti-Theft Water Resistant Smart Backpack w/ USB Charging Port

We start this list with a modern backpack that is truly a class apart and has been designed with both artistic perfection and mechanical precision. This backpack signifies what it means it to live in a modern, digitally way. Let’s face it, many of us cannot live without our smartphones and digital gadgets, which is borne out of a desire to stay connected to the most important people in our lives. Enter the City Elite Bag which not only boasts a water-resistant design but also comes with a built-in USB port that allows you to always have full green bars on your phone or other important devices. This backpack also packs many anti-theft design features that make it is a perfect companion for long travel as well.

4. Modern Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack with USB Charging Port

Then next modern backpack on our list boasts similar features to the first but offers some different features that may be more preferable to certain users. One of these features is the design form factor which allows a large 45-degree opening angle that allows you to pack in larger objects more comfortably. Apart from similar anti-theft features, water-resistant design and a USB charging port, this modern backpack also includes a built-in key ring and hidden pockets on both sides to tuck-away smaller objects that may need to access more frequently.

5. 14" Black Minimal Backpack with Front Zipper

Our next black backpack catered to trendy individuals is similar to the previous backpack but also features a zipper on the front which makes it easy to store and retrieve frequently used items more easily. This backpack is lined with cotton on the interior, giving it a smooth surface to stow away delicate items and keep your laptop scratch-fee as well. The use of leather for the exterior gives this backpack a posh look and feel.

6. The Ozuko - Anti theft Bag Water Repellent Backpack

Another black backpack that comes highly recommended for the modern urban setting is the Ozuko backpack that would not look out of place in a movie set in the near feature. By giving the shell-like exterior a glossy touch, the design for this backpack has the right look for a fashion-savvy designer constantly on the go.

7. 15.6" Origami Inspired Hard Shell Geometric Backpack

We have another variation in our growing line of futuristic-looking backpacks that are sure to connect on many levels with any designers out there. This backpack’s design draws inspiration from the art of paper-folding or Origami and this inspiration gives this backpack a design that is fresh and sets it apart from generic backpack models that look mundane.

8. 706 Waterproof Men's Anti-theft Backpack

Another modern backpack that is especially suited to frequent commuters while also adding on a layer of safety is the next one on our list. This backpack comes with a reflective strip on the back that would make the wearer easily noticeable, with the intended outcome being the avoidance of any accidental mishaps on the streets of a bustling city. This bag also takes convenience to the extreme due to its whopping 180-degree free opening design. So, go ahead, put in your full DSLR set, phones, power banks, books, laptop and whatever else you need; we won’t judge if your bag is packed to the brim!

9. Vintage Leather Schoolbag

Our next backpack is a throwback to the past, with the aim of replicating the look of a vintage schoolbag. What’s this design doing in a list of modern backpacks you ask? Well, retro fashion is back in style and this backpack offers an effective combination of a retro design with various modern backpack features such as pouches for tablet devices, pockets for cell phones and a smooth interior lining that makes it easy to carry laptops.

10. Antitheft Computer Backpack

We finish this list with another modern black backpack that comes with the handy anti-theft feature and all the essential features of a computer interlayer, cell phone pocket, and USB port. However, what’s unique about this backpack is its paneled exterior. This design choice makes the backpack look ultramodern and perhaps even futuristic as the panels on this backpack look like they might un-assemble themselves at the touch of a button.    

Which of these is best for you?

Having reached the bottom of this list, you might be catching yourself wondering, “Wow, these all look like great backpack choices; so… which one should I pick?” Well, as experts on backpacks, laptop bags, sleeves, leather bags, and rucksacks, we believe we might know a thing or two about what makes a good modern backpack choice. The trick is to start with yourself, or the person whom you perhaps wish to gift a backpack too. Try to think about the main use that the user will have for the backpack and work backwards to the most suitable backpack in terms of design, form and functional features. This will allow you to narrow down the list of choices and then it would just be a case of choosing the best option out of the narrowed-down choices. All the bags that we have presented have been designed with modern settings in mind and are well suited to the rigors of everyday urban life and commute. However, it will be noticeable that some of these are better suited to work settings, while others might be better for casual or social use. There are others on this list that are better-rounded and can be used in either situation, so we urge you again to think about the purpose and make your choice; you can’t go wrong with any of these options as we’ve hand-picked the modern backpacks shown above with a fairly significant variety in design and features for you to choose from!

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