Top 10 Minimalist Watches under $100 - 2021

They were invented for us to tell time but let’s face it, these days, aesthetics are king. A great minimal watch adds distinction and sophistication to any outfit. The ability to switch between outfits is one of the most sought-after aspects most people look for in a staple watch. The best way to find an adaptable timepiece is to search for a watch that is built with minimalistic ideals in mind. Simple, timeless, and classic pieces are what you should be on the hunt for.   Below is a list of some of the best Minimalist Watches for you to pair with any outfit.



Nordic Minimalist Watch

A timepiece that you can rely on years. This beautifully made watch eschews the unnecessary in favor of clean, minimal design.  It boils down the watch to its key components and will sit nicely on your wrist.  It’s the reason it sits at number 1 spot.



The Minimalist M1

The Minimalist M1 features a thin unibody casing with sleek defined dial markings and a strap that's easily interchangeable. Its polished stainless steel case paired with it's crystal glass gives it an all-time luxury look, all whilst maintaining it's minimal appearance. Simple and sophisticated, the round face design is an ideal choice for any occasion and any designer.


Minimalist M1

Minimal Steel Faced Watch

This stainless steel water resistant minimal watch is an excellent gift for your loved ones. Check out the variety of colors on this product.



Minimalist Stainless Steel Watch

Pure form meets a functional, easy to read aesthetic.  A 40mm Diameter face seamlessly meets the 18mm wide leather band to form a perfect union on your wrist.




Luminous Hands Wood Watch

This Limited Edition wooden watch is laden with features like luminous hands and light. This surely makes itself one of its kind.



The Mechanic

This Mechanic is meticulously crafted with a precision that emphasizes its superior watchmaking techniques. A team of precision experts embrace both innovative design and simple elegance.

The mechanic


The Tokyo

This Steel Alloy-cased material watch is a clean and minimal masterpiece.  



This traditional leatherette round shaped timepiece never gets old with its shock resistant and stainless steel features.


The Seafarer

Its known for its clarity and design. This timepiece is a masterpiece that will go along with any outfit because of its metal band and glassy dial. 

 The Seafarer



Stainless Steel Minimal Watch

This minimal watch features a leather design along with a stainless steel body. With battery time up to 2 years, it is quite resistant to scratches and shock.




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