100+ Awesome Holiday Gifts for Designers and Gifts for Architects 2021- The Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers

*Updated for 2021 Gifts for Designers 2021 | Gifts for Architects 2021

100+ Awesome Holiday Gifts for Designers and Gifts for Architects- The Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers

It's getting to be that lovely time of year again where snow lightly falls outside your window, the Coca-Cola polar bear is back, Santa is coming to town and you drink a lot...of eggnog ;)

Now one of the most fun but often daunting tasks is to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  If this task isn't already hard enough, we all have that one designer friend that is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for! Or maybe you are a designer yourself and are looking for inspiration on what to add to your own wishlist. 

Alas, have no fear! Gifts for a Designer is here bringing you the BEST! and GREATEST! holiday gift list for all of your architect, designer, and creative friends! People, this list is Yuuge, but we have broken it down into some great categories (click each to skip ahead)



Minimal Pens:

 Let's face it, designers draw, write, and scribble all the time!  Doing so, they need the "write" tools to do it.  Here is a lovely collection of pens any designer is going to love!


1. Tungsten Steel Head Pen - $15 

Tungsten Steel Head Pen, Minimal Pen


2. Vintage Wood and Brass Fountain Pen - $33

High Quality vintage Fountain Pen Rosewood and Brass Pen



3. Milled Brass Pen - $10

Milled Brass Pen, Gifts for a Designer


4. Rose Gold Edition Gel Ink Pen - $29

Rose Gold Edition Gel Ink Pen

5. Handmade Vintage Brass and Wood Pen - $29

Handmade Vintage Brass and Wood Pen


6. Milled Brass Refill Pen - $49

Milled Brass Refill Pen


7. Wooden Brass Ballpoint Pen - $19


8. Minimal Metal Fountain Pen - $29

Minimal Metal Fountain Pen


9.  Red Sandalwood and Brass Fountain Pen with Walnut Case - $99

Red Sandalwood and Brass Fountain Pen with Walnut Case


10.  Open Air Aluminum Alloy Pen - $99

Open Air Aluminum Alloy Pen


11. Hand Made Solid Wood Brass Refill Pen - $129

Hand Made Solid Wood Brass Refill Pen

12. Felt Pencil Case - $7

Felt Pencil Case


13. Minimalist Style Felt Pencil Cases - $19

Minimalist Style Felt Pencil Cases


13. Felt Pen Case - $19

Felt Pen Case


14. Felt Pen Pouch - $7

Felt Pen Pouch


15. Simple Pencil Case - $9

Simple Pen Case


16. Wool Pencil Case - $13

 Wool Pencil Case


16. Milled Brass Pen Holder- $29


Milled Brass Pen Holder


It’s no doubt that one of the things you need as a designer is a backpack that awesomely reflects your own individual style and preference. Here is a great collection of backpacks that I’m sure you’ll definitely love.


18. Modern Fold-Over Backpack - $79

Modern Fold-Over Backpack


19. BackShield - A Minimal Anti-Theft Backpack - $49

BackShield- A Minimal Anti-Theft Backpack 


20. The Ozuko - Water Repellent Backpack - $79

The Ozuko - Anti theft Bag Water Repellent Backpack



21. Modern Anti-Theft Water Resistant Backpack  - $79



22. The City Elite Bag- $89

The City Elite Bag - Anti-Theft Water Resistant Smart Backpack w/ USB Charging Port


23. Vintage Leather Travel Backpack- $129

Genuine Vintage Style Leather Travel Backpack


24. Cowhide Genuine Leather Vintage Backpack- $129

Cowhide Genuine Leather Vintage Backpack


25. Minimal Street Style Canvas Waterproof Backpack and Laptop Bag- $89


26. PU Leather Laptop Messenger Bag- $99


27. Cow Leather Backpack- $49

Cow Leather Backpack


28. Genuine Leather Travel Bag- $129

Genuine Leather Travel Bag


29. Waterproof Laptop Briefcase and Messenger Bag - $79


30. Leather Transformable Laptop Shoulder Bag - $79


31. Distressed Genuine Leather Backpack- $129

Distressed Genuine Leather Backpack


32. PU Leather Modern Backpack- $59


33. PU Leather Backpack- $39


34. Vintage Waterproof Canvas Backpack- $79


35. Black Water Resistant Backpacks for 15.6"/17" Laptops- $89

Black Water Resistant Backpacks for 15.6" and 17" Laptops



Minimal Watches:

One of the most important things that every designer should be able to do is to tell their time in style. You don’t only need a watch for telling time, but it has to also come with a minimalist design that’s a pleasure to look at. Here are some of the amazing watches in our collection.



36. Stainless Steel Minimal Watch- $19


37. Nordic Minimalist Watch- $25


38. Minimal Steel Faced Watch- $39

Minimal Steel Faced Watch



39.The Voyager- $29

The Voyager



40. Hollowed-out Square Face Mechanical Wristwatch- $329



41. The Seafarer- $39

The Seafarer





42. The Luxembourg - Minimalist Watch- $19



43. iF Design Gold Award Hollow Minimalist Mechanical Watch- $399



44. Minimalist Stainless Steel Watch- $99

Minimalist Stainless Steel Watch



45. Kronos- $19



46. I&W UltraThin Minimalist Watch with Steel Mesh Band- $129


47. Half Face Stainless Steel Watch- $39

Half Face Stainless Steel Watch


48. The Tokyo- $49


49. The Centurion - Thin Minimalist Watch- $209


50.  FOCUS | A Minimalist Timepiece- $49



51. Natural Bamboo Watch- $39

 Natural Bamboo Watch



Laptop Cases:

Carry your laptop in style by getting any one of these laptop cases. As a designer, it’s no doubt that your laptop is your most valuable item and as such, it should be carried in a case that protects it whilst also offering that wonderful visual appeal at the same time.


52. Wool Felt Sleeve Laptop Sleeve- $19

Wool Felt Sleeve Laptop Sleeve


53. Felt Laptop Shoulder Bag- $39

Felt Laptop Shoulder Bag


54. Slim Wool Felt PC Sleeve- $19

Slim Wool Felt PC Sleeve


55. Felt Laptop Sleeve for 12" and 13" Laptops- $29

Felt Laptop Sleeve for 12" and 13" Laptops



56. Felt Laptop/Tablet Sleeve with Leather Edges- $19

Felt Laptop/Tablet Sleeve with Leather Edges



57. Universal Leather Laptop Sleeve- $17-23


58. Laptop Cover Case For Macbook- $13

Laptop Cover Case For Macbook


59. Felt Laptop Sleeve- $19

Felt Laptop Sleeve



60. Genuine Leather Clutch- $69



61. Pu Leather Laptop Case Set- $39

Pu Leather Laptop Case Set


62. D-park Waterproof Laptop Sleeve- $39


63. Water Proof Laptop Briefcase- $99


64. Vintage Matte Leather Messenger Bag- $129

Vintage Matte Leather Messenger Bag

65.  Handmade Leather Messenger Bag- $179

Handmade Leather Messenger Bag



66. Thin Genuine Leather Briefcase and Laptop Bag- $139

Thin Genuine Leather Briefcase and Laptop Bag


67. Leather Laptop Sleeve and Charger Case- $89

 Leather Laptop Sleeve and Charger Case


Geometric Jewelry:

Our geometric jewelry collection will ensure that your show your creative flair. Be sure to go through it and get any if it appeals to you.


68. Bauhaus Style Earrings Set of 4- $9


69. 3D Cube Geometric Stud Earrings- $9



70.The Chiseled- $19

 The Chiseled



71. The Charcoal- $19

The Charcoal


72. The Hidden Fire- $19

The Hidden Fire



73.Long Bar Minimalist Ring- $9


74. Viennois Gold Geometric Earrings- $19

Viennois Gold Geometric Earrings



75. Viennois Rose Gold & Gun Color Triangular Dangle Earrings- $19

Viennois Rose Gold & Gun Color Triangular Dangle Earrings



76. Viennois Gold Color Circles Stud Earrings- $19

Viennois Gold Color Circles Stud Earrings



77. Viennois Rose Gold Geometric Dangle Earrings- $19

Viennois Rose Gold Geometric Dangle Earrings



78. Viennois Light Gold Asymmetric Dangle Earrings- $19

Viennois Light Gold Asymmetric Dangle Earrings


79. Abstract Polygon Stud Earrings- $9


80. Hexagonal Ring- $12


81. Rounded Natural Stone Bracelet- $9

Rounded Natural Stone Bracelet


82. Dumbell Bead Bracelet- $9

Dumbell Bead Bracelet


83. Stainless Steel Milled Bracelet- $19

Stainless Steel Milled Bracelet


84. Stainless Steel Bracelet- $19

Stainless Steel Bracelet

85. Double Row Sediment Beads Bracelet - $19

Double Row Sediment Beads Bracelet



86. Geometric Round Wood Pendant - $9

Geometric Round Wood Pendant


87. Minimal Handmade Wood and Resin Necklace- $10

Minimal Handmade Wood and Resin Necklace



88. Geometric Deer Necklace- $9

Geometric Deer Necklace


89. Geometric Bear Necklace- $9

Geometric Bear Necklace



90. Geometric Hummingbird Necklace- $9

 Geometric Hummingbird Necklace



91. Geometric Butterfly Necklace- $9

Geometric Butterfly Necklace

 You can get many more variations at the links above!



Office Supplies + Stationary:

Great designers are known for being really organized and ready to act the part when the situation requires them to. This means having a pen that writes clearly and will also stand up to the occasion with respect to visual appeal. If you are in search of a lovely collection of pens and stationery that’ll prove to be useful to you, then feel free to go through our collection.


92. Concrete Desk Organizer- $125

Concrete Desk Organizer


93. Everlast™ Smart Reusable Notebook- $39



94. 4pcs/set Creative Cement Desk Organizer- $59

4pcs/set Creative Cement Desk Organizer


95. Wooden Desktop Business Card Holder Storage Box- $9



96. Bamboo Desk Organizer- $79



97. Handmade Cement Vase- $99



98. Brass and Leather Pen Clips- $7

Brass and Leather Pen Clips



99. Marble and Cement Colored Sticky Notes - $5



100. Rose Gold Edition Paper Clips - $9


Home Decor

Your home should do its part to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Apart from that, your home should also be as appealing as your work. If you are looking for awesome home décor items that’ll definitely suit you as a designer, here is an awesome collection for you.


101. Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket - $109-$229



102. Geometric Wall Mount Candle Stick- $29



103. 24pcs Minimalist Rose Gold Stainless Steel Cutlery Set - $99



104. Minimal Iron Plant Wall Hanging Vases and Wall Planters - $19



105 . A16 USB Power LED Desk Lamp 3 Level Dimmer - $69

A16 USB Power LED Desk Lamp 3 Level Dimmer


106. Minimal Rose Golden Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vase with Magnetic Flowerpot - $29


107. Minimal Greyhound Wall Art- $19-39

Minimal Greyhound Wall Art



108. Minimal Wall Art- $19-39

Minimal Wall Art



109. Modern Nordic Minimalist Geometric Shape Wall Art- $9-79

Modern Nordic Minimalist Black White Geometric Shape Wall Art



110. Nordic Wall Clock- $79



111. Japanese Full Moon Wood Table Lamp - $229

 Japanese Full Moon Wood Table Lamp



112. Modern Wood Slit Table Lamp - $139

Modern Wood Slit Table Lamp


So there we have it, this is our Gifts for Designers Gift Guide for 2021! I hope this inspires some great ideas and brings smiles to lots of faces :)  Feel free to share this with your friends and family and spread the word!

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